Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Animals Are Funny

Okay, so two Sand Hill Cranes are standing in a field minding their own business. Suddenly a flock of wild turkey charges the cranes. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, huh? Nope. That’s what I saw this morning on the way into work. At least that’s what I think I thought I saw. I couldn’t pull over to see what happened. What a funny sight. I didn’t realize turkey were so territorial.

Speaking of territorial, I remember the coolest “animal territorial” scene I’ve ever witnessed. It was a couple years ago. There’s this large pond and there was probably a 4 foot gator sunning himself on one bank. Then there was another gator, probably about 5 feet long sunning himself on another bank of the same pond. The 5 foot gator slid his way down into the pond and started swimming over towards the 4 foot gator. Then all of a sudden the large gator came charging out of the pond scaring the smaller one up the bank, over the road, and down into the other pond. The large gator then took that spot and sunned himself there for hours.

Even seen a mocking bird try to catch a small lizard or bug to eat? Very entertaining if you like watching a bird jump around like a rabid monkey. Ever seen a turkey fly? Seen it twice, and it ain’t pretty. Most clumsy thing I ever saw trying to fly.

Snakes freak me out…that and large bugs. Yeah, I’m a guy, but I don’t like ‘em. Neither did Indiana Jones. Well, at least he didn’t like the snakes. But he’s a hero, so he’d have to be able to deal with at least one of those pests, right? I’ve had to catch or kill large bugs and I hate it. Had to chase off a few snakes too. Gives me the heebie-jeebies every time.

Animals. What funny and entertaining things.

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