Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Darth Vader's Score

This stuff is funny.

Lego Vader Conducts

I know becuase Karl told me so.

Church Sign Trivia

I usually don't like those church signs that have all those "cute" sayings on them. They almost always overreach in comedy.

But Kevin points me to some funny uses of the signs in Minnesota.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Inventions

I think all the stuff they have in the Star Wars universe is really cool. Light Sabers, laser guns, underwater breathing apparatus, and droids.

After watching Star Wars: Episode III, I realized there is at least one invention we have in our universe that they didn't have back then: ultrasounds.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Finally saw Star Wars Eppisode III today.


To have no spoilers here, if you want to talk about it, leave a comment and we'll carry on there.


I had to get blood drawn yesterday. I know it's not a big deal, but for some reason I'm a part of that small portion of society that has a hard time with it. Though I've never passed out, I often get flushed and feel faint.

So yesterday as I'm lying there complaining that I have a hard time with it, the nurse tries to comfort me with story. She once was working with a big guy who had tattoos all over his arm. When she stuck him for the blood draw, he passed out.

I figure that's how he ended up with his entire arm covered in tattoos instead of just a "I love Mom" tattoo.

How to make your own Skype phone

Now this is uber geeky cool.

From the Skype blog they show us how to make a phone for Skype.

Bulls and Bears

Why does Wall Street use bulls and bears to describe how the market is doing? Digital Inspiration tells us:
No one's quite sure how the two animals came to symbolize the market, but there are a few theories floating around...
I found their stories interesting. What's yours?

Herman Escher

Worth1000.com had a contest called Escher Blowout 2. It's basicaly a photoshop contest with Escher as the theme. This was my favorite:

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Vonage Calls to Puerto Rico

Woo Hoo! Our Vonage calls to Puerto Rico are now free! That's great news for us.

You want to Vonage? You really, really should!

Football Exam

Seventh Graders in North Carolina were asked this question on a state exam:
If a football team's first six plays of a drive are a 6-yard loss, a 3-yard gain and a 2-yard loss, a 7-yard gain, a 12-yard gain and a 4-yard gain, what is it's average gain per play?
Anyone else see a problem with this question?

Jerry did too.

Worst Faux Pas Ever

At the funeral I went to last week was the worst, most disrespectful thing I've ever seen heard.

You know how bad it is when someone is talking on a cell phone in the bathroom or movie?

This is what I heard while someone was telling a story about the departed during the service:
Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Hello? Hi. No. I'm in a funeral now. Okay."

I was sitting in the middle of the church and this conversation was in the back. I heard it quite well.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Future Super Bowls

Tampa got the 2009 Super Bowl. Cool! So the future list of Super Bowls is:


I'm hungry...and hungry a lot lately. I've been diagnosed with something called Candida. It's basically yeast in the gut. So, I'm starving it out by not feeding it carbs, sugar, vinegar, or alcohol.

...and it's not just the yeast that is starving.

I've been on it since May 1 and it's been hard. In the last week I've been offered cheesecake 4 times, ice cream twice, and other cakes and pies a couple of times.

Man this is rough.

New Blog on the Block

Probably not of interest to most of you, but it certainly is to me!

Clemson Tigers Sporting News

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Too Busy

Man, I'm just too busy. Too busy to sleep. Too busy to blog (gasp!). Too busy to even go see Star Wars III! I had hoped to go tonight, but alas. I'm stuck watching Bo beat out Carrie. If you know what that means, you're as bad as I am.

Then I read Stu's Rants: Anakin's Rest, which is a great post on resting. Only trouble is that he says:
Rest is awaking from a nap to enjoy a quiet walk in the cool of the day.
Bummer. There isn't a "cool of the day" in Orlando.

No wonder I'm so busy...and tired!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Triperspectival Sermon

Looks like my blogging Uncle wants a little Google action on the word triperspectival! That's okay though. He earns it by preaching A Triperspectival Sermon.

At least I got some props in it! ;-)

Are Worm Holes Really Possible?

Okay Star Trek geeks, this is for you. I'm not a huge Trekkie, but I've watched a good portion of it all. I'm a Star Wars fan at heart. I mean, after all, Star Wars is a documentary (it happened a long time ago) where Star Trek is all fantasy (being about the future and all).

But I digress...(or have I already?)

Over the weekend during some down time I found an online video series from NOVA called The Elegant Universe. They are really well done. They talk about how we have the theory of relativity to explain how large objects interact (like in space) and we have quantum mechanical theories to explain how thing work on the sub-atomic level, but no "Theory of Everything" to explain it all.

For the past 20 or so years many have been looking into something called "String Theory". I don't want to attempt to explain it. Just watch the videos. It's interesting...though I can't say I'm buying it all yet.

Oh, if you want to watch just one segment to get a good overview (and see about worm holes), watch the one called The Wild West of Physics from Hour 3.

I'm not geeky and all (sorta), but this is actually entertaining. Go check it out and see what you think. They even get into the Big Bang Theory and some of the problems it has and how String Theory is trying to solve those problems.

Interesting stuff.

The (no) Rest of the Weekend

I know you know about the funeral Friday morning and the emotions that came with it (if you haven't read the comments and other blog posts created as a result, you should).

That evening though we went to a good friend's graduation from seminar (RTS in Orlando). Maybe she'll blog about it and I'll link to it (ahem!)

Anyway, it was great to see her graduate...though I have to say her father seemed happier than we were! ;-)

Then yesterday was cutting the grass, napping, then back out for a surprise birthday party for another friend. Today visiting a different church with our Vancouver guests and a drop-in this afternoon for Karin's graduation (side note: when running spell check in Blogger, it didn't know the word "Karin's". It suggested "garnish". I won't get to philosophical on how Karin's stuff this weekend was like garnish...that'd be too cheesy, eh? (that's for my Vancouver friends)).

Not the most restful weekend as we go into days of solid meetings again. I feel like all I do are meetings now. They'll slack off soon enough to be sure.

It's been a crazy and strange emotional weekend.

And that's why I haven't seen Star Wars III yet. I think Tuesday night will finally be the night!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Odd Friday

Today is a strange day for me. This morning we went to funeral and tonight we go to a graduation.

Makes for weird emotions.

The funeral was for a girl we didn't know, but I feel like I do know her. She's the step-daughter of a co-worker. She was 18. She's been on mission trips, had a lot of friends who really loved her, and a family that is in a lot of pain.

Nicole had been driving for 3 weeks. She didn't have on her seat belt Saturday. She met Jesus face to face moments after being thrown from her car as it rolled down the highway at 70+ mph.

It's tough to see teens have to weep, wail, mourn, and grieve like that. It's tough to see a mother lean into a coffin to kiss her daughter for the last time.

Everyone received a card about Nicole. In part it says:
Eight Things Nicole Knew About Life
1. Life was created by God.
2. Everyone has a purpose to be here.
3. Live can come so fast but then it can go so fast.
4. Life cannot be practiced.
5. Every day is different.
6. Life is a gift to be cherished.
7. Everyone has a crush on at least one person in their life.
8. Everyone has an opinion on everything.
Though I didn't know her, I'm feeling distracted. 18. No seat belt. Saved. Tears. It's tough.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Google hasn't named it yet, but they announced today on the Google Blog that they are offering a customizable homepage similar to myYahoo, though not even close to as good...yet.

Though it's not off to a fast start, it is the beginning of what I think might become another big and popular customized portal. I'll be watching this. It'll be interesting.


Oh good heavens.

I know because Steve told me so.

The AC is back on

Look ya'll! Ol' Andy's back! Coming back the same day the Sith take revenge. Coincidence?

Look at his break from his blog he likes to call bloggedy blog:
:: Thursday, November 04, 2004 ::
Taking a break
I'm taking a blogging hiatus for a while. Check out the blogroll for other sites to visit. See you soon.
:: Andrew Careaga 07:27

:: Thursday, May 19, 2005 ::
The blog is back
Yes, friends and neighbors, I'm back. And what a bee-you-ti-ful day in the blogosphere it is, a great day to restart the old bloggedy blog.

I'll give you a day or so to get over the shock.
:: Andrew Careaga 13:37
Welcome back, Andrew!

PSA: Map Cheap Gas

Very cool. Use Google Maps to find cheap gas in your area.

I know because Peter told me so.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dripping with Star Wars Geek

Man, this is geeky. But it makes for some fun reading if you're a Star Wars fan!

Dates in Star Wars

Warning: Does contain some spoilers.


Got to be one of the funnier posts I've read in a while. Some excerpts from a conversation Wittingshire had with her 8-year old son (you've gotta go read it all!):
"Why do girls go around in bikinis?" [the eight-year old son] groused. "Of all the dumb things to wear."

This struck me as funny, which provoked him still further.

"It's just like underwear," he said. "They wouldn't go walking down the street in their underthings, would they? So why go around in bikinis?"

"Girls wear bikinis because boys like them," I said.

He stopped short and stared at me, incredulous.

"Not boys your age," I went on. "Teenagers, and grown up men. They think women look pretty in bikinis--but that doesn't mean they think women should wear them in public."

He was still staring at me, utterly flabbergasted. Finally he found his tongue: "It disturbs me," he said formally, "that you are telling me that one day I will think girls look pretty in bikinis. That disturbs me. I know what I think, and I don't think that."

By this point I was laughing out loud. He was so serious, and so affronted.

...then their ten-year-old sister, from her vantage point of greater age and wisdom, enlightened them: "It has to do with hormones. You know, the hormones that are going to make your armpits get hairy."

My middle child stared at her blankly for a moment, groping for a withering riposte--but his face fell with defeat.
Just go read it all.

The Daily Show on Blogs

If you haven't seen it yet, you must. It's hilarious!

John Stewart's Daily Show on Blogs

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cool Random Song

Today on the drive in I got to hear a song I haven't heard in a VERY LONG time.

Anyone remember the song Beth by KISS?

What a ballad.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Fred Flintstone as Tevye

If Fred Flintsont played Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, he'd probably sing:
If I were a rich man
Yabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Do...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Multi-Media Vader

Since Star Wars Episode III opens this week, I thought I'd post some multi-media items available online to get you ready.

First is the classic Star Wars Gangsta Rap. Been a favorite of mine for years!

Next is the updated version: Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition.

Don't forget the Star Wars Spoofs!

Last is a new mp3 out called I'm Your Father which I think is really well done.

Anyone got any other cool Star Wars Multi-Media items worth linking up?

Saturday, May 14, 2005


I learned a new word Friday at work. It's triperspectival. It it basically means talking about something from 3 different but related perspectives. Or triperspectival means that you can't fully understand one without an idea of the other two.

Google doesn't know the definition, but as of this post they index 19 sites for triperspectival.

We'll see how long it takes for there to be 20...and where this post will sit in the listings. If you want to post about the word triperspectival, be sure to link back to this post with that word as the link.

I want the Google market on triperspectival!

Darth Tater, the Sith

I know becuase The MUSC Tiger told me so.

LA Trippin'

I'm wanting to plan a week-long trip to LA for my wife and I in October. Any suggestions on what to do? We'll rent a car so we can drive around a bit.

I'm also going to try out the free service BackPack for this.

Wash, Rest, or Bath?

So which is it? A washroom, restroom, or bathroom?

Or water closet?

I know a few other rude ones, but I'm not going to comment on that. That would just stink. I'll leave that alone and flush those thoughts.

Washroom makes sense because you wash something almost every time you go in there.

Restroom doesn't make as much sense because that's not the best room for resting (though it can serve as a nice retreat area).

Bathroom is fine, but I don't bathe every time I go in there.

BTW, the blogger spell checker thinks "washroom" isn't a word. 8 months ago I realized it doesn't think "google" or "blog" (or even "blogger" for heaven's sake!) is a real word either and it hasn't changed. That is just dumb.

Crazy Week Over

Man that was a crazy week. But it was good. Friday afternoon at work someone commented to me, "Seems like Mondays are crazy around here". I replied, "Yes they are. I've had a Monday all week so I'm going home now."

Seriously, I was either in a seminar, leading a meeting, or in a meeting for 28 of 40 work hours this week. And that doesn't include a dinner meeting and hosting a co-worker at our home. Most of the 12 free work hours were from 8-9 or 4-5 a few days and combining 30 minutes here and there in the week.

It was a good week though, just crazy.

One funny thing about the off-site all-day seminar on Wednesday was when we got to the building, we went upstairs to the 4th floor. When we walked off the elevator, a guy in a reception office off to the side saw us and pointed and simply said "You'll want to turn right down the hall. It's 401." So we went and put our stuff down. Then I walked back to the elevators and the same guy saw me and said, "Now you'll want to take another right. It's right there." How did he know I was looking for the bathroom (or as my Canadian co-worker would say, the 'washroom')? Guess he's answered the same questions all morning and just knew I would ask the same.

I just thought it was funny.

The other thing was The Amazing Race finished this week, Survivor ends tomorrow, and The Apprentice almost finished this week. To catch up on my thoughts on them all, check out RealityBlogs.com. Although I've neglected this blog this week, I didn't neglect it!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Seminar Week

I don't know about you, but do you ever have one of those weeks that you just know you're not going to get anything done you really want to becuase you're just so busy?

This is one of those weeks.

I was in a Project Management seminar all morning then lead a meeting most of the afternoon.

Tuesday I'll be in Project Management seminars most of the day.

Wednesday I'll be in an all-day web marketing seminar.

Thursday I have meetings scattered throughout the day.

Friday I have a meeting all morning through lunch.

It's all good stuff...just one of those weeks.

BTW, the Monday-Tuesday seminars are being lead by this guy's dad and this guy's father-in-law. Made the connection yet?

On top of that we hired an intern for the month and I'm supposed to make sure she's got stuff to do. With this schedule?

Oh yeah, for what it's worth, I found out my temperament is a Thinker/Relater. Not much of a Doer or Influencer.

So to put that together...I've thought about what our intern can do, just haven't found everything for her to do.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Fake or Foto?

It's been a long time since I've taken this quiz to determine if an image is a Fake or Foto. Why don't you give it a try and see if you can "nail" it of if you get "screw" it up.

I screwed up. I got 4 of 10. Guess that means I have no eye for what's a real photo and what's fake...or I just appreciate cool images!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

An Immature Link

...but it's so funny! Just like your face!

I'm just as immature as Stu.

Dine With Ariel

Why I know Ariel is the name of The Little Mermaid is a topic for another discussion. It's a catchy title though, eh?

But seriously, folks, check this out! The World's First All-glass Undersea Restaurant Opens

15 April marks the day that the first ever all-glass undersea restaurant in the world opens its doors for business at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. Ithaa will sit five meters below the waves of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views.

Suddenly I'm hungry for the Captain's Platter.

I know becuase Optical Illusions Etc... told me so.

How to lower your bills

There's a website I've never been to called LowerMyBills.com. I assume they give advice on how to lower your bills (yes, I've had my coffee...that's how I figured it out).

So why am I writing about a website I've never been to? Because I thought this was a unique way to have their own bills lowered: Get Bought Out.

Yup, that'll lower your bills. ;-)

Brown Humanity

Does management at the Cleveland Browns care? Oh yes, they care, but it seems they only care about themselves.

Over the weekend, Tight End Kellen Winslow of the Cleveland Browns was in a motorcycle accident.
Emergency room physicians at MetroHealth Medical Center said that the main concern for Winslow would be the internal injuries, which are potentially life-threatening.
Did you catch the part that said "potentially life-threatening". Management didn't. Or they choose not to.
The injuries to Winslow's knee and shoulder have the Browns concerned about his ability to play this season, ESPN.com reported.
Don't just take it from that report. CBS Sportsline's account of it this morning doesn't even mention his life-threatening injuries.
The Browns issued a statement saying his knee will continue to be re-evaluated but declined to provide any specifics. CBS SportsLine.com's Clark Judge reported Tuesday that injuries to Winslow's knee and shoulder might keep him out the entire season.
Now I know there's stuff in his contract that says he shouldn't be doing stuff like this so they're upset. And he's a big contributor to the team's success(?). But come on! Management seems to be more concerned about the man's knee because that means he may not play this year than being concerned about his life!

Am I reading this wrong? Is it overly hyped reporting? Or are the Browns just wrong?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Darcy's Blog

Our friend Darcy has joined the blogsphere. Go check out Darcy's Blog and tell her we sent you!

Stu's Broken Arm

Poor guy. He broke his arm. I haven't done that in a long time.

When I was 4 I broke my right arm one summer day chasing the dog in the back yard. The gate to the backyard was up a slight hill and the gate would jingle when it opened. Our dog (named Doofus) would hide out under the shed in the back. I got a big kick out of jingling the gate and watching her make a break for it.

So one day I was chasing her with a stick. I don't know why. Did I mention I was a 4 year old boy? Who knows what's going on in their mind. So I jingled the gate, she came out, and I went flying. I landed on my right arm and snapped it.

Then when I was in 4th grade, I broke both arms at the same time. My buddy and I were jumping from the swing set to a branch about 10 feet off the ground, swing, and drop. We did it many times...except for the last time.

I jumped and grabbed the branch. It was a pine tree and the bark just rolled right off in my hands. I went flying up higher, did a half twist and landed "push up style". Both arms below the elbow snapped. My nose hurt more than anything at the time.

The worst was when they put casts on both arms because they covered my elbows. I could only move my arms like C-3PO. It was a mess. About 2 weeks later they gave me a smaller cast so I could bend it.

Poor Stu.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Backpack It

A new web based personal project management application has been released called Backpack. It looks pretty cool. Don't know if I'll use it because I live in Outlook too much. But what is interesting is that it is doing a lot of cool stuff for making it easy to manage your stuff online.

This got me thinking...what are your favorite online tools you like? There are plenty of social networking tools and applications online now. There's del.icio.us, flickr, Yahoo! Groups, Blogger, Bloglines, and Yahoo! 360 to name a few. What have you found to be helpful and useful web applications or tools?

Monday, May 02, 2005


Want to get recipes via RSS? Bam!

Want to get recipes on your iPod? Bam!

I know because Ken told me so.

Fibbing Pirates

Did you hear about the guys who found a bunch of old money in a guy's backyard? I saw them on the Today show talking about how they were doing some work in a friend's back yard and while digging, they found a bunch of old currency...their burried treasure so to speak. They went around talking to the shows and stuff.

Well, they fibbed it all. Tried to pull a fast one on us.

I know because Jerry told me so.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Meeting Bloggers

I mentioned in passing earlier this week that I had the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of bloggers on my trip to South Carolina. Here's proof.


First I met up with one of my blog fathers, Steve Knight. Now we're co-bloggers on a joint effort at RealityBlogs.com. We've been in touch through email, IM, and blogs for over 2 years now and this was only the second time we've ever met. It was good to meet up with him again...especially since we both are doing similar work; me with Campus Crusade, he with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. By the way, the day I visited was the day before the official new building dedication they built in Charlotte. Nice digs, Steve!


The next day I met up with Rev. Mike for lunch. He wrote up some about our time together already. What I'd like to add is that he's a cool guy and was glad to meet him. He follows my wife's blog and even asked how her blister was doing. Very cool that he's tracking with us both like that. Mike and I had never met before this time. In fact, this was the first time I've ever met someone face-to-face who I knew only through the internet.

I think it's cool when "real life" meets the "virtual life"...though I'd argue that this "virtual life" is about as real as it can get sometimes.

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