Thursday, July 29, 2004

Cable Choices

I'm so glad this idea of buing cable channels individually is getting some traction. I've been wanting the ability to purchase cable packages or the channels I want for years. I hate the idea of paying $50 for 80 channels, 20 of which I actually watch! They could have a basic news package (Weather Channel, ESPN, FOX News), a movie package (HBO, AMC, Turner Movies), etc. I know they are afraid some channels will go belly-up because we won't choose them. So package them with certain bundles.

What will probably happen is they'll create packages so that you'll end up having to purchase all 80 channels anyway for $80. But there will be some of us what would rather spend $40 for 50 channels if most of them are what we want!

But can we not call it cable "a la carte"? I hate that phrase. How about "Bundled Cable" or something like that?

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