Sunday, July 25, 2004

Puerto Rico Commonwealth

Today is the 52nd anniversary of Puerto Rico becoming a US Commonwealth. What does that really mean? Well, in an Orlando Sentinel article today they say: "Islanders are subject to federal law, but do not vote for president or pay federal income taxes. Their voice in Congress is limited to a single, nonvoting delegate to the House of Representatives." Also, the US National Guard was called into PR this week to keep the homicide rate from climbing any higher (it's on pace to be the worst ever).

What I find interesting is that they brought the issue of making PR a state or not many times in the past...and it's pretty even in PR. But as Washington continues to look at the constitution, they realize that the US can't keep PR in this relationship too much longer (according to the article).

I know this comes up all the time, but something tells me there will be a change soon. How soon? As fast as Washington can make the change.

So don't hold your breath.

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