Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Red Trucks

This weekend I went to the local Lowe's hardware store. My wife and I have a running joke that “the truck goes to Home Depot”. This weekend, it was Lowe’s instead. Oh, my truck? It’s a ’96 Nissan Pickup…and it’s red!

So anyway, I went to Lowe’s this weekend. I pulled up into the parking lot and parked. And what to my wandering eyes should appear? 5 other red pickup trucks! And they were all parked together. I found it quite humorous. I parked beside a red Ford. Across from me was a red Dodge. On the other side of me was a red Toyota. There were two other red pickups that I couldn’t tell what they were.

So I guess others feel the same way…the truck goes to the hardware store!

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