Sunday, August 15, 2004

Almost Done

It's been a busy day.  This afternoon we helped a friend take out two large, old oaks that Charley took down.  Also did a lot of trimming on their avocado tree.  It's funny...we got a dozen "Charley picked" limes from one friend, and a half a dozen avocados.  Which is good since we're pretty much out of food.
The power came back on in our house at 4:20.  That's almost 43 hours.  Not too bad.  But we finally threw out most of the stuff in our fridge and freezer today.  But that's needed it!  Tomorrow though we would have started running out of fresh food (still have cans of tuna, peanut butter, and water).
Still waiting for the phone lines to come up.
We're going to get our yard back in shape tomorrow because we've been helping others instead.  Now that the power is back on we can get the house cleaned better also.
As we drive around Orlando, we see spots that were really just devastated.  They are estimating $3.5 Billion in damage in our county.  We were very fortunate, and are very thankful.  The police finally started directing traffic at intersections today which is good.  People can be just downright rude when there are no stoplights working.
So Charley is almost finally done for us.  Oh, did I tell you that my in-laws have land to build in Punta Gorda?  Thankfully they haven't built yet!
Okay, now that things are going to settle down a bit, I promise to get these blogs back to a shorter length but continued daily as possible.  Thanks for checking in.

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