Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Banned from #Eden

Andrew is working on a creative, sort of a sign-of-the-times type of thing. It's a "copy" of a transcript that might happen to explain the Garden of Eden in chat terms.

My favorite is when Adam meets Eve for the first time:
[Elohim] ***Auto-msg*** Be fruitful, multiply, and have fun!
[Elohim] ***end Auto-msg***
* Adam wakes up
* Adam sees Eve and smiles
* Eve smiles, blushing softly
* Elohim smiles
[Adam] Hey
[Eve] hi
[Adam] wassssssssuppppp Eve!
[Eve] lol
[Adam] asl?
* Eve is ageless, female, from #Eden
[Eve] u?
[Adam] same
[Adam] but male
[Adam] lol
[Eve] lol
[Elohim] brb

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