Monday, August 16, 2004


Today was a long day, but very productive. Got up and started cleaning OUR house from Charley's wrath. Again, I'm just amazed at how God spared us. We had one tree down in the back that I spent the morning taking out. A friend came over to help. Good thing too because it was hot and a good bit of work.

The biggest problem was that tree had a bunch of briars wrapped up in it. Man, I was gettin' bit by those briars all day! I pulled out so many of them that I honestly would not have been surprised if Brer Rabbit had come hoppin' out.

Did I mention it was hot? I took off my drenched shirt to do the rest of the yard work this afternoon. Now that's what my neighborhood needed to see! After all they've been thorough, they don't want to deal with some white-skinned redhead walking around with his shirt off. Sorry neighbors!

But we're pretty much done with our yard. Our office isn't opened yet and may not be for most of the week. Sounds like most people in our office are doing okay also. Now that we're better connected we've been hearing more devastating reports around the Orlando area. And I've confirmed that when Charley came though my house, he was either a strong Category 1 or a weak Category 2 hurricane with some 110-115 mph gusts.

I believe it. They say now everyone in Orange County will have power by the end of the week.

I wonder when our phone will work again.

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