Friday, August 13, 2004

Conference Update 2

While I have a chance, I wanted to post an update on how the conference went today. We bailed on this afternoon’s talk.

There were two talks this morning. The first was Steven Sample, President of the University of Southern California. I expected him to be very academic, but he was really personable. I liked him a lot and got his book, “The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership”. He talked about how leaders should “think gray” and “think free”. That is, be slow to judge people and consider outrageous solutions and radical ideas. Discernment is arriving at conclusions slowly…and forced contemplation of the outrageous gets you out of a rut.

The next speaker was Tim Sanders from Yahoo! He was harder to track with, but what I got from him was that we’re all called to lead. He ended with a question of “am I the same man God called?” and a quote “I was sick, now I’m well. There’s work to do.”

We hope to go back in the morning, but we’ll see. It’s a good conference.

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