Thursday, August 05, 2004

Family TV

Maybe because I don't have kids I'm a little more cynical of this top 10 best and worst shows on primetime network TV list published this week. I'm glad there's a watchdog group like this, but I gotta tell ya, most of these shows listed I've never seen...or even heard of.

It's interesting they think some of the top shows for families is Everybody Loves Raymond, American Idol, and Bernie Mac. Don't get me wrong, I like those shows. Raymond's parents, though funny, really paint a horrible marriage (for the most part). AI is entertaining and I guess it's good for kids. The Mac is funny too, but, really? Great for kids?

As for the bad shows, I can agree with some of them. That 70s Show is horrible. Hate it. Don't like Fear Factor or The Surreal Life (the first one was funny...the second one was horrible). But Two and a Half Men has grown on me. I can see why it's not good for families though.

Nothing else I really want to say on this. Just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

When does football start?

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