Friday, August 13, 2004

Last Blog for Tonight

UPDATE: Finally got dialup to work...

ORIGINALLY supposed to be posted about 9:40...

I think we're pulling out now at our house, but it's still rockin' and rollin' in north Orlando. Heck, it's still rockin' and rollin' here too. But the weather guys aren't talking about our area as much as places more north. So that's good for us, but man this is bad.

I'm really in awe of what this wind is doing.

We had a long spurt without power there. Saw some bright lights outside. If it's lightning, we're not hearing thunder because of the wind. Could be a transformer, but we're back up on power now. Well, on and off.

And right when I tried to send that, we lost power (9:40 pm). It keeps trying to get back on. This will be posted when it does.

Okay, power it out for good now. Lost it about 9:40. I'm going to try and use dialup to get this one and the last one up. I'll post later when I can. I probably won't dial back in until much later...not much battery life on my laptop!

Waiting for the dialup to work, we looked out the back. We lost part of a tree. Actaully, the tree is a weed. We don't want it and I've been needing to prune it for a while. Guess God started the pruning for me!

UPDATE: Well, I'm having trouble with dialup. So I'll type some more. We're fine. It's over but the wind...and it's not so bad. Very gusty, but no rain. I and a neighbor just walked around the neighborhood. Not too bad. Many shingles and some gutters on the ground. Several trees are down also. It'll be more interesting in the morning. Looks like we made it out just fine.

I'll take photos in the morning and post them as soon as I can.

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