Thursday, August 12, 2004

Leadership Summit

We're attending the 2004 Leadership Summit put on by Willow Creek. They say there's about 41,000 people attending this conference via satellite around North America.

It was good today. Bill Hybles started us off with a talk on a leader's finest hour being when his or her challenge level is peaking. It was cool to chart my level of leadership challenge...realizing I'm going into a peak now. It's a bit stressful thinking of the things that I have coming up, but it's cool. He then talked about how churches need to involve more volunteers to accomplish the goals of Kingdom work. There's too many churches that are "Clergy Centered Culture" meaning the clergy think everything goes through them instead of encouraging members to minister.

This afternoon Tennessee Lady Vols' Coach Pat Summitt spoke. She was good too. Really cool to hear from a great coach some of her leadership lessons and how she's learned to change her style over her career.

Finally today we closed with TD Jakes speaking on being a leader at every level of ministry. More good stuff. He spoke about how Moses first was among the people, then walked in front of the people, then went above the people.

Tomorrow we have another full day planned...assuming Charley lets us!

I'll check back in later on this...

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