Sunday, August 15, 2004


I'm humbled. When we were coming home trying to beat Hurricane Charley to our house, I really didn't expect what was about to happen happen. I was pretty much prepared for the storm. It was more than I expected, but we were ready.

What I wasn't ready for was the popularity that this blog ended up having. On Friday this blog was visited 400 times. Saturday it was about 325. Checking out a few other sites today I found that Andrew, my Uncle, Campus Crusade's help website for the staff of Campus Crusade, and others.

I checked some of my site stats and found people found my blog on AOL, #2 on Google for "sanibel hurricane blogs", and Yahoo (though that one isn't indexing this anymore).

It's been pretty cool to be found worthy of good content. I was only doing it to do it...and to stay in communication with friends and family. Turns out I've got more of those than I thought...I think.

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