Friday, August 13, 2004


Well, we're in a lull right now in the storm. We had an initial squall come through fast and hard. Dumped a lot of rain and some wind. Honestly it wasn't any worse than a typical thunderstorm.

Then watching the news they showed a tornado that didn't touch ground but was just 4 miles from our house. Wow!

There's another squall coming within the hour we expect and it should stay steady after that. The storm is already decreasing so that's good. We've only just begun, but we're praying the reports will tell us that it won't be as bad.

This morning it wasn't going to be too bad. This afternoon we got really bad reports. They're saying they eye should come through Orlando tonight but it's taking a long path to get here so we may only have 75+ mph winds instead of 90.

We're doing fine for now.

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