Monday, August 23, 2004

New College Football Rules

College football has changed some of the rules they'll be playing by. In an article by USA Today, they list some of the new rules:
Among the rules changes adopted this year was the NCAA's decision to allow the Big Ten to experiment with instant replay...Also new: Officials equipped with microphones will announce the number of a player committing a penalty...most college announcements have identified only the offending team. As is done in basketball, a head coach now can request a timeout from the sideline but not from the press box. A player who in the "official's judgment" is blocked into a passer will not be called for roughing the passer. A player who runs forward and leaps in the air in an attempt to block a field goal or extra point may not land on an opponent. If a team kicking off is offside then the return team has the option of tacking 5 yards on the end of the return or requesting a rekick. Pass interference will not be called after contact on a fake punt if the officials determine a pass is high enough and deep enough to simulate a punt."
I like the new rules except for one...the refs will call out a player's number. One of the cool things about college football as compared to the NFL is that it's more of a team sport. I think doing it in the NFL is fine because each individual is getting paid. But not these guys in college (or at least not legally)!

Oh well. I'll get used to it. They didn't ask my opinion.

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