Saturday, August 14, 2004

Online Again

I'm at Starbucks in Orlando and online again!

Our power is out and phone lines went out over night. We lost a tree in the back yard that we wanted to lose so that's a good thing! Today we went out and looked around our neighborhood...everything looks okay. Several down or snapped trees, lots of shingles on the ground, etc. But no real structural damage to any house or car.

Around town it's a different story. Went into another neighborhood and it looks like they got a microburst because there's a section that trees and debris are everywhere. We were fortunate.

Most stop lights are out. One intersection they are so out that they are missing.

We took some photos and I'll try and get them up later. But we're okay. Listening to the radio it seems like most are okay. Lots of people without power (but not everyone) and only a few without water. Our mobiles aren't connecting either right now.

I'll keep you updated as possible.

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