Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Public Grace

It's interesting to me that we tend to enjoy finding out who the Christians are in the public eye.  We like to find out what music artists, or what athletes, or what politicians are Christians.  I admit, I like to know also.  But what I also notice is that we (myself included sometimes) are very quick to judge these people when they do something that we think they shouldn't do.
Some examples: we see a professing Christian cuss on TV, we see a professing Christian wear a dress "down to there", we see a professing Christian get caught up in something that causes pain to the faithful.
'Tis sin indeed.  But what I notice though is that we're so quick to judge them.  I wonder why that is.  What if they look back on those moments in repentance and think (and pray) "man, that was a real bad moment for me...a real growth opportunity for me".  I sure would hate for my life to be in the public all the time so that others could catch every poor decision I make and use it against me.  I'm sure as I live my life out in the blog I'll be judged by some.  Being judged isn't fun.
I think I'm going to be a little slower to judge people.

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