Saturday, August 07, 2004


A particular company today got me all worked up. They were to come and service our AC system. It's fine, just a routine appointment. We agreed last week they would come today between 10 and noon.

I already don't like these kinds of appointments because I have to plan a chunk of time out of my schedule to wait for them. Today was okay though because we decided to work in the garage and yard.

So we were out there all morning long. They never showed up.

I came inside and checked our messages to find out they called at 10:45 to confirm the appointment. Confirm the appointment? Ugh. I thought it was confirmed when we set it. I called to find out what's going on and they said it's their policy that if we don't answer the phone, they won't come.

So not only do I have to be tied to my house for that amount of time for them to come, but I have to be tied to my phone as well?

They offered me $5 off.

I think I'm taking my business elsewhere.

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