Friday, September 17, 2004

12th Man

Clemson plays Texas A&M tomorrow night. I've always liked A&M because of their tradition. Dad always liked them because of their band. Either way, it's a school that even "out-traditions" Clemson. We pride ourselves on our football traditions, but A&M has us beat there (and hopefully that's the only place they'll beat us this weekend!).

My favorite is the tradition of the 12th Man. This article is from the Upstate of SC, but they explain it (and other cool traditions) well.

My boss is a former student at A&M. They don't have "ex-students". He explains it:
...since our great archrival, the Great Satan, the University of Texas (more appropriate called tu in Aggielore) alumni association is cleverly named Texas Exs, A&M would never, never, never in a million years use Ex in anything they ever do publicly. We don't hate them, just
can't stand them. :-)
Go Tigers!

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