Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Charley vs. Frances

This is what bugs me about these two hurricanes: they have a crisscross path intersecting in Orlando. Charley came from the west, crossed Orlando, then exited the east. Frances will come from the east, cross Orlando, and move on up into Georgia.

I had to take the rest of the debris from Charley to the dump today. I can't believe I had to pay for it. But this stuff will become projectiles during the storm.

But here's what scares me the most:

Charley: Hurricane force winds extended 40 miles, Tropical Storm winds 80 miles
Frances: Hurricane force winds extend 140 miles, Tropical Storm winds 400 miles

Charley: Took about 3-4 hours to get through Central Florida
Frances: Will take about 18-24 hours to get through Central Florida

Found a new interactive hurricane tracking site.

What's worse is Frances is larger than Andrew and about the same as Floyd. And believe it or not, but no hurricane has ever made landfall on the Space Coast.

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