Monday, September 06, 2004

Done with Frances

I think we're finally done with Hurricane Frances. The Panhandle is only starting. Around 2:00 this afternoon I think our last rain, wind, and tornado threat was finally over. There was one tornado about 15-20 miles from our house to the east, then another one near work. That makes our dealings with Frances at 51 hours of rain and wind (Charley was 7).

We just got back from an errand and around here, honestly it looks okay. It's tough to figure out what is from Charley and what is from Frances. Most damage are a few trees here and there and some shingles. But my guess is most of the roof damage was a re-aggravation of Charley's mess.

Now, I know Ivan is out there, and yes, I know what the projections are. I'll blog about it later. But to be honest, I don't want to talk about it much right now. It's way too early. There's a 400 mile variance on where it'll be next weekend. We're not putting away our hurricane stuff. We'll take the boards off our sliding glass doors so we can begin to live again, but we'll leave the others up. We're well aware of Ivan.

We're ready to move on with our lives...hurricane free!

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