Thursday, September 30, 2004

Found Candy

I feel better now. Found some Reese cups. It was a 3 pack. I can't decide if that makes Canadians more greedy (bigger than the 2 pack) or conservative (smaller than the 4 pack). Guess it's the queen size. It cost $0.75. I paid with a $5 so I got a quarter and 2 loonies back. Can't get used to that.

I was IMing with Karin about candy. Fun discussion. Some excerpts:
Rob: ah...found reese cups
Karin: are they cold?
Karin: i only like them cold
Rob: they have all kinds of reese here
Rob: they have an "inside out" one
Karin: what?!
Rob: yeah, pb on the outside, choc on the inside
Rob: hadn't had it yet
Rob: and of course the white choc ones too
Karin: hmmm.....sounds sketchy
Karin: the white choc looks sick
Rob: they have large kit kats the size of a regular candy bar
Rob: it's like an overgrown kitkat stick
Karin: WOW! i wanna go to canada
Rob: they also have stawberry kitkats. that looks gross
Karin: maybe i don't want to go
Rob: i want to sample all the good candy before i leave
Rob: it's my duty
Karin: how do you know it's good before you sample it
Rob: thats the point!
Rob: i don't want to sample bad candy
Karin: what's your favorite in the US
Rob: Probably Reese cups
Rob: but they aren't filling
Rob: Snickers satisfies
Karin: i don't like snickers
Karin: i like 3 musketeers
Rob: it's okay
Karin: twix
Karin: kit-kat
Karin: those are my style
Karin: gummie bears
Rob: twix is good
Rob: hate all gummie stuff
Karin: skittles
Karin: starburst
Rob: skittles rock!
Karin: i LOVE gummie stuff
Rob: and candy corn
Karin: only at halloween
Rob: any time
Karin: but circus peanuts?! amazing
Rob: i like those, but they make me sick
Karin: that's becuase they're pure sugar...and colored orange
Rob: yup, so you'd think I'd like it
Karin: no kidding
Rob: btw, some of this convo is going in a blog as we type!
Karin: sweet!

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