Thursday, September 02, 2004

Getting Ready

It's a tough time right now.  This hurricane just keeps bearing down on us.  There is some talk of it making a turn.  I pray it does...right out into open water!
I couldn't sleep last night.  I think I got about 3 hours.  I'm so anxious.  I'm trying to "let go", but it's tough.  We went and got lumber to board up windows today.  Got to Lowe's at 4:30 this morning then went to Home Depot too.  At HD we thought we'd be in a long line and end up with nothing.  At Lowe's it was a short line, but they didn't have plywood...and didn't know when of if they'd get it.
We got a tip to drive about 20 minutes north to Sanford and when they opened at 7, we got our lumber and left by 7:35.  Whew! 
Of course we paid tolls and they lifted the tolls just 30 minutes ago!  D'oh!
Now it's time to get back outside and start drilling.

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