Saturday, September 25, 2004

Jeanne On It's Way

Looks like Jeanne is going to be another significant hurricane to hit Orlando. Again. And again. It's not just getting "old hat", it's getting old.

They are calling for hurricane force winds and rain in Orlando. Last I saw the projections have it coming just south of Orlando. Do you know what that means? There was a point where the paths of Charley and Frances crossed. That was just south of Orlando. Jeanne is looking to go right through that cross point also...maybe more south this time though.

I'm mixed with emotions. I want to be back home to be able to take care of "my stuff". But I'm also thankful I'm not there. 5 named storms in 5 weeks in the state. That's too much to handle.

So I won't be blogging about the storm. I have nothing to add from my vantage point. I just pray all in the path will be safe.

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