Sunday, September 05, 2004

Next Couple Hours

The next couple hours probably will be the toughest. The eye is drifting south of us moving near Kissimmee/St. Cloud. I still fully expect to lose power, but we're still doing well. There's no real visible debris yet; at least nothing of significance.

This thing is just so stinkin' slow. It's traveling at 10 mph across the state. Good grief that's slow! They say it should exit the state around 8 tonight. And it's so huge. It's raining from Jacksonville and parts of southern Georgia all the way to Key West. Big and slow. At least it's not as strong as it could be!

Charley and Frances have been compared this way: Charley was like a heavy weight knockout punch. Frances is like a 15-round middle weight bout. Just two different storms with two different characteristics. From the time Charley started raining at our house to the time it stopped, it took 7 hours. Frances started raining 23 hours ago.

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