Monday, September 06, 2004

Not Done Yet

I can't believe it. All night last night and still this morning we're still getting heavy rain and strong wind. We've got a feeder band that is heading north all over us. It's crazy. It was supposed to be over last night. We still expect 40 mph gusts this morning and the steady winds will be 20-30 mph all day into tonight...and maybe some tomorrow. Still have the possibility of tornados also.

The curfew is finally lifted but they're asking us to not go out until after noon so first repsonders can look around.

There's been a lot of arrests of looters over the weekeend too. Gov Bush said before the storm that there would be no bail for looters and I'm glad. Stick it to them, Gov! There's stories of one looter who tried to use a chainsaw to steal an ATM. Another broke into a grocery store and said he just wanted to sleep there (but he left his latex gloves inside). Another was running from the cops, went behind a restaurant and jumped into what he thought was a dump but it was a grease pit.

I hope we'll be able to get out today. We're getting stir crazy. We've been boarded up since Friday.

Oh, Happy Labor Day!

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