Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vancouver/Hurricane Frances Update

The following is an email we just sent to our eNewsletter list:

This has been one of the craziest, hardest, most stressful weeks. And it's only Wednesday.

As you probably know, we're supposed to leave tomorrow to go up to South Carolina to spend Labor Day weekend there then fly to Seattle next Tuesday.

Our plans have changed.

Hurricane Frances is bearing down on Orlando again and right now is set to come through here sometime Saturday (when I should be at the Clemson game!). We've been going back and forth in our minds, hearts, and with God and others about what we should do. You see, as it's turning out, we probably won't be able to leave Thursday anyway because it's taken us longer to get ready to leave (because there's more to do and Patricia's health hasn't been optimal). So we could leave Friday along with all the other evacuators.

However, we just can't imagine being somewhere else while this hurricane comes. If there's damage to the house, we need to be here to fix it. We could arrange for people to check on the house for us, but there's a good chance they won't be able to contact us so we'd be heading back down here.

Our plans, right now, are to stay until we know our house is fine. If all goes well, we'll drive up to SC on Sunday and still fly to Seattle on Tuesday. If the hurricane turns, we'll adjust our schedule accordingly. If we have to, we'll delay our arrival date to Seattle, but we're praying that won't be necessary.

Please pray for us. This has been a crazy time for us. As much as I can, I'll be blogging about our experiences again so be sure to check it often for updates.

BTW, if Hurricane Frances is new to you (how that could be possible I have no idea) , please visit the National Hurricane Center's website.


Rob & Patricia Williams

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