Sunday, September 05, 2004

We're Fortunate

Watching the radar and the reports, I think we in east Orlando might just pull through this thing okay. We still have power, etc. Several friends in the area lost power already. There are still some big squalls in the Atlantic but it seems most of them will miss us. Patricia and I have been very fortunate so far though we're not out yet. Thank you Lord for your protection so far!

We've been in the 30-40 mph winds all day. Rain started around 11 AM Saturday morning.

Some peak wind gusts recorded in our area include 124 mph in Port Canaveral, 94 at the space Center, and 69 at the airport.

Don't get me wrong...we're not out yet. It's still pretty windy sometimes and we're still under a torado warning until 8 tonight.

Earlier I told you I heard a thud hit the boarded sliding glass window earlier. It's been killing me wondering what it was. Well, I got brave a little while ago during a lull and ran back there. The winds were fine and the rain was light. It was just a small branch...just what I thought. All was fine! But then I heard the wind starting to do this low bass howl so I ran back inside.

It was exhilarating!

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