Wednesday, September 15, 2004

What Else?

Well, the door frame has wood rot, not termites. Thankfully a friend will take care of it while we're gone. Orkin confirmed that this morning.

But we figured while he was here to go ahead a do an inspection of the rest of the house. He found evidence of termites, but didn't find the actual bugs. So we are now officially under the watchful eye of Orkin for termites. They're going to spray and do their thing this afternoon. It seems that we probably have them but they've just gotten here and haven't done much damage. Hopefully this will head them off...and thankfully we can do it today. Tomorrow we fly out of here.

But with all this stuff going on, it just makes me wonder what's next? I know God wants us to go on this trip. He's provided everything we need (at least what we think we need). It's frustrating to be delayed in doing what we feel He wants us to do.

We wouldn't have found the wood rot or termites if we left on time. We wouldn't have bonded with our neighbors as well if we left on time. We wouldn't have been the recipients of all the help from friends, co-workers, and neighbors if we left on time.

With this kind of start to our trip, it makes me wonder what else God has in store for us.

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