Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Who Needs a Blog?

There are articles and blog posts galore that talk about how to blog, why blog, yadda yadda blog. But leave it to the MarketingProfs to come up with the best so far I've read.

In an acrticle today entitled Straight Talk About Blogs: Do You Really Need One?, they give some blog characteristics, what it takes to have a good one, and what you're in for if you do it. Included are:
Blogs are writing intensive.
Maintaining a blog is hard work.
Blog software is cheap and easily configured.
It takes time, effort and skillful promotion to build an audience for a blog.
A blog that isn't well-written and frequently updated will simply be ignored.
Blogs can help you get better search engine placements.
Blog software is so user-friendly that it frees you from the tyranny of the IT department.
If you're willing to be controversial, you can build up a substantial audience for your blog in a short time.
Journalists troll blogs for source material because bloggers often break stories before traditional media.
Blogs are great for Intranets that allow sharing of information within a company.
Blogs are a perfect way to organize large amounts of information.
I left some out becuase you should read the article yourslef! These points I highlighted are explored more in the article also.

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