Monday, September 20, 2004

The Wired Monk

Today I had my first meeting with TruthMedia to meet my team. It should be a fun and great three months here. We just had the meeting this morning then had the rest of the day and tomorrow to continue settling and relaxing. We drove around getting a couple more things from Wal-Mart and driving all over looking for a gym to join while we're here.

We also got coffee from a local chain called The Wired Monk. It was good and they have posted on their site and in their restaurant:
The Legend
Coffee was first discovered many centuries ago in Northern Africa by a herder watching over his flock. He noticed his sheep became quite 'peppy' after eating the berries from one particular bush. Curious as to the effects of these berries he picked a handful and ate them. Moments later he felt revitalized and energized. News regarding the effects of this 'mystical' berry spread rapidly throughout the land. When the Benedictine Monks received word of this amazing fruit, large quantities were gathered, dried and transported to the monasteries. The Monks then combined the dried berries with water and drank the resulting liquid. This provided them with greater exhilaration for late night prayer... And thus,
The Legend of... The Wired Monk
We thought that was pretty funny. Good coffee too.

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