Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Blog Seminar in a Blog

There's going to be a seminar about blogging by the Radiant Marketing Group called How to Write a Business Blog Teleseminar. They posted some of the topics they'll cover and I thought I'd save you the $$ (ha!) and give you my opinions (although I recommend getting other opinions also...maybe some will post their comments below?) I don't want to take business away from them, but not everyone will be able to attend, right?

- do you need to write your blog yourself?
Yes. It's your blog. If it's for business or ministry, well then, yes! It adds a personal touch to your organization.

- should it be edited?
Maybe. In one sense, no. Let it flow. But in another, yes. Sometimes you end up posting something that has errors (factual, verbal, misspellings, etc). Fix those, but remember, a blog is personal and makes your organization more personal.

- what writing style or voice is appropriate?
Casual. Don't be formal or use too much (if any) lingo. Just relax and make it personal.

- what topics will most engage your audience?
Depends. What does your target audience want to hear? Mostly about you. Or things that are interesting to you. Or the personal touch from the organization. It's personal for you...and them.

- how will you measure the return on your blogging efforts?
Traffic. Actually conversions. Your blog will increase your branding. It can bring more traffic. What is the point of your blog? What do you want people to do after reading it? Measure that.

- how does a blog fit in with an e-newsletter?
Easily. One thing I'd really like to do is to use a blog to post notes, then create an eNewsletter based off of the "best of" from the blog. Blogs are pull technology. Use the eNewsletter for the push.

Well, there you go. Post your comments below. I learned of this seminar from Business Blog Consulting.

There's another blog conference coming to Seattle, New York, and Chicago.

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