Saturday, October 09, 2004

Canadians: "Happy Thanksgiving"

We just started a long weekend here in Canadia (yeah, I know, but for some reason I keep saying that so I thought I'd write it too). I won't write much about it because my wife already has. But it's nice to have this long weekend. We're going to have two celebrations this weekend with two different that should be fun.

Thanksgiving here is about the harvest. And one cool thing was yesterday at work, one of the board memebers had about 7 or 8 bins of fresh apples trucked in and we could take as much as we could. So I did.

It's interesting though to see that most people around here don't get into Thanksgiving much. Well, if you go to the stores, all you see is Halloween stuff for sale, nothing for Thanksgiving.

So I'll probably still blog over the long weekend while watching football (oh, we still get Thanksgiving football's called Monday Night Football!). So on Monday, we'll have a great Columbus Day, er, I mean, Candian Thanksgiving.

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