Sunday, October 10, 2004

Future Florida Hurricanes

There's a disturbing article in the Orlando Sentinel today about the potential future for Florida hurricanes (free subscription required). In it, the question is asked:
"Why is the Sunshine State suddenly in the bull's-eye of so many fierce hurricanes?"

Well, don't blame global warming.

And get used to it.

Although Floridians aren't likely to see four hurricanes in a single season again, we can expect to see more-intense hurricanes in the Atlantic and Caribbean during the next decade -- or decades. And, depending on the steering currents, there's a good chance some will visit Florida.
I guess that's what we get for owning a house on a sandbar that sticks out into the Atlantic. You realize the Gulf of Mexico would just be the Atlantic Ocean if it weren't for Florida?

I wonder how long our "temporary" move to Vancouver might last! There's only one girl we have to worry about here in Vancouver and her name is Helen...and even then we don't worry about her much.

By the way, we had a "wind advisory" here the other day. Patricia asked someone what that meant because we're from Orlando. They said, "Oh, nothing like what you have!" I think it meant they could have wind over 25 mph. Psshhh!

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