Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Morning of Music

This morning wasn't too bad. I woke up with my radio alarm and my currently new favorite song came on. It's called They by Jem. Have you heard it? It's a great song. Some say it's spooky. I admit it's haunting, but I think it sounds more like a Christmas song with the boys choir in it.

Then I made my way out the door and to the car. Our first frost! I have a scraper but I just sat in the car with the heat on high until I could see out of the windshield. But the ride in was beautiful! I travel down a highway for just a few miles (oops, kilometers!) but it goes parallel to some snow capped mountains to the north and heads toward some more slightly snow capped mountains to the east. The sun was huge and bright orange coming up over the mountain and made everything around me an orange hue.

Then I was skipping through the radio trying to find something I like. The last song that came on before I got to work took me back. It was Respect Yourself by none other than Bruce Willis. Now ain't that a strange way to end your drive? Listening to Bruce Willis sing and "play" the harmonica?

But it was good. Just a bit different.

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