Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sweet Biscuits

I call them sweet biscuits. They are called scones. Either way, they are good eats. (okay, I don't really call them sweet biscuits).

Last week we went to a cranberry festival and bought a bag of 'em. Patricia found a recipe on the internet (God bless the internet!) for cranberry-lemon scones. Man are they good. I just had another.

Of course whenever I see or hear about scones, I think of that episode of Friends when Ross was having trouble with his British girlfriend (or was Emily his wife then?) and so he ordered a scone:
[pounding a scone]
Ross : Stupid British snack food.
Chandler : Did they teach you that in your anger management class?
I laughed just looking up that quote.

I like scones...fresh, homemade, cranberry-lemon, sweet biscuits, I mean scones!

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