Monday, November 29, 2004

Dan Aykroyd on Christmas

I've been a big fan of Dan Aykroyd for a long time. Loved him on the "Classic" SNL, Ghostbusters is one of my all-time favorite Comedies, of course the Blues Brothers, etc... But today I read an interview from his new movie, Christmas with the Kranks. I haven't seen it yet but a friend said it was great and I'm looking forward to renting it next Christmas ;-)

Anyway, Aykroyd has some great quotes in the interview:
[Christmas is] a big, fat commercial hoax -- until that morning, when you’ve got that fire lit in the log cabin, the snowcats gurgling outside. Then my cardigan comes on, I put on Frank Sinatra Christmas music, and I get in the spirit at the last minute like everybody else...We’'re only nice to each other, it seems -- formally -- in this society on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We should be nice to each other all year. We should be espousing Judeo-Christian values of '‘Treat others like you’d wish to be treated',’ and '‘To those much has been given, much will be required'.’ You know, these are the words of the Christ, and they should be embraced throughout the year, not only at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.
Very nice. Dan's gone up another notch on my respect meter.

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