Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hey MNF, get back to Football

Did anyone see Monday Night Football last night? One of the strangest and most risqué intro's I've seen. So risqué that ABC ended up apologizing for the steamy intro to the game. Watching that at 9:00 EST would be one thing. Seeing it at 6:00 PST is another.

But it's not just the stupid intros. They now have this stupid half-time segment that is about one player pulling a practical joke on another. It's a rip-off of Punk'd which is a rip-off of Candid Camera (and probably other shows I don't feel like racking my brain to remember). And this just doesn't work.

For a production that has been one of the best, it's a shame. I mean, I like Hank and the now trademark "Are you ready for some football?" line. I also like how they customize each game's intro song so it's about the specific teams. They've put in the sky-cam (that ESPN also has) and some cool graphics. I like the "Mic-ed Up" part also where they put a microphone on a player and let us listen in.

But this silly stuff is overreaching. Get back to the great camera angles, the decent commentary, and show us the game.

Ironically they ask me if I'm ready for some football and they show me fluff instead.

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