Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's Rivalry Week

Saturday will be the 102nd meeting of the Clemson-South Carolina state rivalry. It's not much of a rivalry in some ways though. Clemson leads the all-time series with 62 wins, 35 wins for Carolina, and 4 ties.

Thanks to some posts over on TheTigerNet, here's some perspective on this.

Since 1990, Clemson is 10-4 vs. South Carolina.

The Gamecocks have not won 2 consecutive games vs Clemson since they won 3 in a row in 1968-70. Since then Carolina has not won in back to back years. Obviously they have to win more than even every other year to even the series.

If the Gamecocks should win 2 of every 3 (67% of all upcoming games), it'd take them 78 years to take the lead.

If the Gamecocks should win 3 of every 4 (75% of all upcoming games), it would take them 52 years to take the lead.

If the Gamecocks should win 9 of every 10 (90% of all upcoming games), it'd still take them over 30 years to take the lead.

Keep in mind, only 22 of 101 games have been played in Clemson.

I'll be listening to the game on Yahoo! sports as the Tigers and Gamecocks go at it again. History has no bearing on who will win though. They always say "you have to throw out the record books when these two teams play". It's just that 62% of the time you throw out the record book, Clemson wins.

Hopefully history will repeat itself.

More from TigerPundit on the matchup.

Go Tigers!

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