Friday, November 05, 2004

Maps, Maps, Maps

Wanted to pass along a few election maps I found interesting. Thanks to Jollyblogger for providing them all (and more), commentary, and stats.

First is the county-by-county map of how each county voted in the 2004 election.

Next is a funny joke map. Seriously, it's a joke!

And another one from Not A Doller Short via Mike Todd:

One reason I find these quite funny is because being in Canada right now, all I hear is Bush bashing in the press. The sad thing is this is exactly how many people see it. They only interview Kerry supporters and the broadcasters don't hold back. Really it's not funny...and not all Canadians feel this way. One told me that she was embarrassed right now because of it all.

What I'm really tired of is both sides. The Republicans are gloating. The Democrats are still calling Bush supporters "ignorant". I'm tired of it all. I don't want to post on politics anymore. I try not to, and in fact have been fair each time I have. I've never said who I support and why. Don't feel like I need to. I voted for the man I thought best lined up with what I believe...and I'm happy about how I voted. I'm neither an "idiot" nor a "not a true Christian" as some would say if I voted for Kerry (I've heard both comments made from each side).

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ who is an American and takes part in the political process. I voted.

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