Sunday, November 07, 2004

My Argument with God

Me: I'm upset with you, God.
God: I'm sorry. But the feeling is mutual.
Me: What? Don't turn this around on me!
God: Okay. Why are you upset with me?
Me: You don't listen to me anymore.
God: No, I listen.
Me: Then acknowledge it.
God: I am now.
Me: Lame.
God: What?
Me: You heard me. Right?
God: Yeah. And it's not lame.
Me: Yeah. Sorry.
God: It's okay. I know you're upset.
Me: Thanks.
God: You know, I'm upset too.
Me: Why?
God: You don't listen to me anymore.
Me: No, I listen.
God: Then acknowledge it.
Me: I am now.
God: Lame.
Me: Okay, so we're not listening to each other.
God: Actually, I'm always listening.
Me: That's what I hear.
God: You know that it's true.
Me: Yeah, I know. But you still seem distant sometimes.
God: So do you.
Me: So what do we do now?
God: I'm going to keep loving you. What are you going to do?
Me: I guess I'll keep believing.
God: And so will I.

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