Monday, November 22, 2004

No Clemson Bowl

Clemson University officials announced Monday that the school will not accept a bid for its football team to play in a postseason bowl after several student-athletes were involved in a fight during Saturday's game against the University of South Carolina.
Fanblogs will have a running update.

Reactions: I'm really bummed about this. Although I said that I wanted appropriate discipline, I'm undecided what that should be. Everyone has an opinion about it and it seems that many people outside of Clemson think it's a class move. Many people inside Clemson (at least on theTigerNet seem to think it's a horrible move. I can see punishing the main players involved in the fight, but the entire team? But then again, sometimes that's what is appropriate. I'm glad though Clemson made the decesion and not the ACC or NCAA banning us. I do know this, I'm bummed about it that they recovered from a 1-4 start to finish 5-1, dominate our rival, and this stupid brawl is keeping them from going. Oh well. I'm still a Clemson fan. I still love my school.

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