Monday, November 22, 2004

Safe Cities

Morgan Quinto released it's list of the safest and most dangerous cities to live in. Here's the link, but here's the top 10 in each (I'm calling them the cities most likely to have locked doors and the cities that are most likely to have unlocked doors):

Top 10 Cities with Unlocked Doors
1. Newton, MA
2. Brick Township, NJ
3. Amherst, NY
4. Mission Viejo, CA
5. Clarkstown, NY
6. Lake Forest, CA
7. Thousand Oaks, CA
8. Colonie, NY
9. Cary, NC
10. Dover Township, NJ

Top 10 Cities with Locked Doors
1. Camden, NJ
2. Detroit, MI
3. Atlanta, GA
4. St. Louis, MO
5. Gary, IN
6. Washington, DC
7. Hartford, CT
8. New Orleans, LA
9. Richmond, VA
10. Birmingham, AL

So what does it say about me that I've only been to 1 of the 10 unlocked door cities but I've been to 8 of the 10 locked door cities?

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