Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Still no President

Well, sort of. Another Presidential election and once again I'm going to bed not knowing who will be my President when I wake up (and don't give me the "Bush is still President until sometime in January" with me, okay?)

I had hoped being in the Pacific Time Zone would allow me to know who won. We've been watching CNN all night and skipping around the internet. Here's the scorecard as I go to bed:

CNN: 249-211 Bush (HI, NV, NM, MN, IA, WI, MI, & OH still in play)
FOX: 269-221 Bush (HI, NV, IA, WI, & MI still in play)
NBC: 269-207 Bush (HI, NV, MN, IA, WI, & MI still in play)
CBS: 249-238 Bush (HI, NV, NM, IA, WI, & OH still in play)
ABC: 249-221 Bush (HI, NV, NM, IA, WI, MI, & OH still in play)
PBS: 249-221 Bush (HI, NV, NM, IA, WI, MI, & OH still in play)

CNN tells us that provisional ballots in Ohio will probably decide Ohio...and those won't be counted for days. So it seems the question mark is Ohio because it's worth 20 (need 270 to win).

One map I've enjoyed looking at was on the Yahoo homepage. They marked states in how they lean. So they are saying it's 249-225 Bush with NV, NM, IA, and OH leaning to Bush and WI & MI leaning to Kerry. If that worked out, it'd be 286-252 Bush.

Yahoo also says as I go to bed that 89% of the precincts are reporting that it's 51-48[%] Bush (or 53M-49.5M).

And now...enter the lawyers to Ohio, Iowa, and New Mexico.

Can someone wake me when it's all over?

Good night.

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