Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Friday

I was doing okay with not having a traditional Thanksgiving yesterday until I read this from the Google Blog
Well, it's Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when every patriotic American must either watch football or go shopping.
Sigh. Guess I'm not a true patriot. I'm at Canada. Oh well.

Since Thanksgiving is identified with family, football, and food, I'll tell you, I was able to participate relatively well. I was able to talk to most of my family yesterday. I got to watch the two NFL games. And for food, well, I had Thanksgiving Nachos for lunch and Thanksgiving Salmon for dinner. It was the best we could do. Maybe though for Christmas I'll get the full spread again. My favorite meal is the traditional Thanksgiving meal. My second favorite meal is the traditional Thanksgiving meal leftovers.

But I will say that the salmon last night was great. We went to a place called Horizons Restaurant on Burnaby Mountain. It was great food and there was a beautiful view of Vancouver all lit up, sparkling on the horizons. It was a good evening...just a different Thanksgiving than what I've ever had.

So, family, football, and food, right? It was great. Just having my wife near me is perfect enough for family. Football was decently boring, but football nonetheless. And the food, though not what I'm used to, was still good.

Yeah, I'm thankful. I really am.

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