Friday, November 19, 2004

Trump's Boardroom Arrows

There once was a man named Trump. He lived in the biggest penthouses in the biggest buildings in the biggest cities.

Trump had a boardroom where he would come and shoot arrows of accuastion at others. He liked to do this becuase it kept him in charge and left others feeling uncomfortable and in their place.

One day, Trump sat across a young man named Andy. Andy was young, smart, and a champion of champions in debate. There was none in the land like him. (He would have had more girls around him but a jester named Raj runied it all for young Andy)

Trump, in his cusomary quip launched yet another arrow in his quiver at young Andy.

"Why are so so quiet, boy?!? Aren't you a debate champoin?"

Andy caught that arrow and snapped it in half. "There was too much talking...I listened," Andy fired back. "I'm quiet becuase I'm working with morons. They yap and fight and it's just silly. I'm above all of that. If they are going to fall, let them fall. So Trump, put that in your pipe and smoke it!"

And smoke it Trump did.

The End.

Inspired by my love of the show The Apprentice.

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