Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Allergic Asthma

Starting last Thursday morning my chest became tight and I was short of breath occasionally while I was at the gym. I didn't worry too much about it, but it kept up over the weekend and this week. We had hoped that I would be better on my own and could see a doctor in the states later (easier on the paperwork and insurance, etc). There were some days better than others so I thought it'd be okay.

So today it was still bothering me a good bit and by then I wasn't feeling good overall. I had hoped it was just something like anxiety and my feeling bad was just mind games I was playing ("I'm not breathing well, my chest is tight...wait, what's that pain in my left arm? What's going on?"). That sort of thing.

So enough was enough and we went to a clinic today. He checked me out and said he doesn't think it's cardiac at all. Blood pressure is fine, I didn't have symptoms of heart trouble when exercising or anything. He thinks it has nothing to do with it. Instead, he thinks my "lung tubes" are in spasm. He thinks it's some sort of allergic asthma to mold. It's probably gotten worse over time that I've been here and there's a lot of it around now (he says). So he gave me a spray inhaler and said I should improve right away, within a day or two at the most. I've taken it twice so far and I can tell I'm doing much better already. We'll see over the next couple days. But I think that's all it is. Those tubes are tight so my chest muscles are tight and working harder and sometimes I get short of breath. This spray will allow those muscles to relax.

So my guess this spray will keep everything going well and it'll all fix itself up either sometime before or after we leave in a couple weeks.

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