Monday, December 06, 2004

Breaking News: King Tut Not From Arizona

It's been reported in many places today that King Tut is on his way back to the States.

You may recall that songwriter and Egyptologist Steve Martin put to music all we ever know remember about the famous palindrome-nicknamed king of Egypt.

Today the same Steve Martin made a confession (free sub req). He's not an Egyptologist. And King Tut was not from Arizona as Martin once claimed. Other retractions:
He did not live in a "condo made of stone-a."

King Tut did not "do the monkey," nor did he "move to Babylonia."

King Tut was not a honky.

He was not "buried in his jammies."
In other related news, it turns out that the song by Martin did not come from years of studying the life of King Tut.
...I wrote it in my car while driving - and you probably won't believe this - I wrote it in less than 15 minutes. The song broke musical ground in that if you look at the sheet music, there are asterisks where the notes should be, because the song has no tune. You will realize this if you hum the song in your head right now. This of course angered many so-called legitimate songwriters who have to make up melodies to gowith their lyrics.

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