Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I was going to start by saying that I'm back online. Then I realized that would be obvious because you're reading this post. Now I realize that I just did it anyway. Dang.

Well, I'll be off and on for a while...maybe on a bit for the next couple days then wind back down at this weekend and next week thru the holidays.

So what I wanted to write is about haircuts (see the title of this post?). I got my hair cut today. Over the years I've had someone else cut my hair (I do it myself at home often) I've noticed a few things that I thought were blog-worthy.

Here in the Vancouver area, I go to a place that is employed by mostly Asian women. My understanding is that there are a lot of Chinese people who come to this part of Canada but they must be working within a time frame to stay. So I guess it's pretty easy work for them to get. I've never had to wait there and they do a good job. What I found funny though is that last time I was there I had to slouch in the chair. The chair wouldn't go lower and she was too short to get the top of my head. I just found that funny.

In Orlando, they are mostly Hispanic. In Northern Virginia they were mostly Asian. I wonder why many of these establishments are employed by mostly minorities. Just wondering out loud. I hope that isn't offensive. It's certainly a far cry from my small hometown in South Carolina. There you had your choice between the guy with one leg or the guy with one eye. You'd think the guy with one leg would be better, but his place was like a PG-13 (sometimes R) version of Floyd's place in Mayberry. He was often more interested in the local gossip with the guys sitting there smoking and drinking coffee all day than cutting hair. But the guy with one eye, well, you always took a chance at a lopsided cut.

I just find it all amusing.

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