Friday, December 03, 2004


My Uncle emailed me an article this week. It originally appeared in Sojourners Magazine and it's entitled The Power of Reconciliation by Jim Wallis, founder of the magazine. It's a great read. Some quotes to tease you:
[Sojourners decided to do a] cover story in the magazine titled "The Plan to Save America." [Dr. Bill Bright] was publicly embarrassed by our exposé and the whole experience...we also differed on almost every political question from Vietnam to domestic issues, a bitter and public polarization grew up between Bill Bright and myself.

The bad blood continued for many years.

More than two decades later, Bright and I found ourselves...coincidentally, at the same hotel. I called Bill and we agreed to a walk on the beach together the next morning.
Read the rest of the amazing story of what happened next.

Also check out Keith's post about it also.

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